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Route Callers to Proper Agents with Pre-Populated Contact Fields

Increase the efficiency of your call centers with properly-routed calls and pre-populated caller contact fields from the largest available source of aggregated contact data, instantly searched and analyzed by our state-of-the-art linking-logic algorithms. Your customers’ time is valuable, and pre-populated contact fields can ensure that call time is not wasted with manual data entry. PingGiant can improve your company’s bottom line with:

  • Streamlined fulfillment processes
  • Automated Name, Address, Phone Capture – CRM Record Population
  • Reduced need for call center staffers to manually enter customer data – it’s all there
  • More effective, efficient customer interactions – more satisfied customers



Instantly Turn Callers, Website Visitors and Other Contacts into Complete, Actionable Leads

Whether you have Caller ID info, a partially completed lead form, an email address, or simply an IP Address, PingGiant can instantly cross-check that information with billions of records in our unmatched databases to provide you with a complete, actionable Contact Record to populate your CRM Database. PingGiant’s real-time lead service lets you:

  • Instantaneously Populate Missing Contact Fields: Name, Address, Phone(s), Email, etc.
  • Add demographic and/or other useful marketing data to existing entries
  • Weed out users who deliberately provide inaccurate information
  • Save time and money by increasing efficiency and maximizing useful leads



Increase the Value of Your Existing CRM Database with Complete and Updated Contact Information

Do you lack the most recent data about your customer? Have many of your customers moved or changed phone numbers, making your data obsolete? With contact information often changing frequently, having the most current and correct data is vital to maintaining the value of your leads. PingGiant can search our vast databases in a fraction of a second to provide you with the verified, updated information you need.

  • Instantly Populate Missing Contact Fields: Name, Address, Phone(s), Email, etc.
  • Automatically Update Recently-Changed Contact Information Fields
  • Flag Updated Records – New Information and Outdated/Invalid Contacts



Improve the Effectiveness and Conversion of Your Online Lead Generation Efforts with Complete Contact Information

Online marketers know that the more information you request in an online lead form, the lower the conversion rate, but the less information you request, the lower the quality of the lead. It’s a frustrating formula that marketers are constantly tweaking in an effort to get the most quality leads possible.

Now, you can increase both lead quantity and quality by asking for minimal information on your lead generation form, then letting PingGiant fill in the blanks from our massive databases of both consumer and business information – instantly. With just a little info from your potential customer, PingGiant can expand a short lead-gen form into a complete and valuable prospect profile. 


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